Product Planning

The Chiyoda Integre group has been developing new products in response to varying customer needs, which could not be dealt with using existing materials or processing methods.

We are developing products for the long term, ranging from using new methods to make thinner than traditional products to developing original, eco-friendly materials.

We will take advantage of global information network with our customers and suppliers, and then plan and propose the products that meet market needs.

Original Materials


Insulation, heatproof, and flame-retardant films for PCs, LCD televisions, and office automation equipment

  • Halogen free
  • High heat resistance and Excellent flame retardancy
  • Using m-PPE


Flame-retardant double-sided tape for office automation equipment, household electrical appliances, cars, and audio equipment

  • Halogen and toluene free
  • Excellent flame retardancy
  • Good adhesive strength


Flame-retardant non-woven fabric for various equipment that require dustproof, buffer, absorbing sound, and lightproof

  • Halogen and Formaldehyde free
  • Excellent flame retardancy
  • Good adhesive strength to tape and peel strength


Silicone rubber sheets for various equipment that requires thermal conductivity

  • Excellent softness and tackines
  • Excellent flame retardancy
  • Prebonding and desorption are possible


Cushion materials of artificial leather suitable for CD slot of car audio, etc.

  • Excel in punching process for difficult to fray
  • Excel in abrasion resistance and can use a long time
  • Excel in Bending memory and shock absorption for elastic moderately

Mushi Block Sheet

Insect repellent coated sheets for attaching on the bottom or interior of equipment

  • The fixing and inhibition rate is at least 95%
  • Duration is 10 years
  • The active ingredients will not volatilize and do not pollute the air

Liquid Crystal Polymer Film

Base materials such as insulation label, etc. and electric insulation film

  • Excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties
  • Excellent heat resistance, gas barrier
  • Halogen free

Developed Products

Ultra-thin Conductive Gasket

Conductive members for protection against noise for smartphones, digital cameras, thin-type PCs

  • Able to be easily crushed and made thinner
  • High adhesion and conductivity
  • Constituent materials can be selected

Compact Backlight

Vehicle optional parts that light up the car model

  • Products are stamped except for electrical components (including LEDs and boards) and light guide plates
  • Design has flexibility and can be customized
  • This product has been made thinner for vehicle use

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