The Chiyoda Integre group is establishing the network that makes it possible to provide the same service anywhere in the world, including Japan, Southeast Asia, China, and North America, by the global manufacturing system.

We equipped clean rooms to respond to varying customer needs, and are developing our original production line, with innovations such as quality control with an automatic image detector and saving manpower with automatic packing.

We support our customers’ manufacturing with our “quality,” “cost,” and “speed” that guarantee safety, from development to mass production of prototypes.

Manufacturing Process


Various Processing Technology


Establishment of Global Quality

X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer
▲X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer

Chiyoda Integre Group acquires “ISO9001” and “ISO14001” at each area. Satisfying the demands of the customer, we are aiming at a further productivity by a continuous improvement.

We think that it is a social responsibility to develop the approach of environmental preservation and it is an obligation for the enterprise to hand over an excellent global environment to the next generation.

We work positively in the green procurement aiming at the environmental burden material zero making from both sides of data management and management system under international view.