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CSR Information

The Chiyoda Integre Group Corporate Social Responsibility Guidelines

Chiyoda Integre institutes these guidelines, to which all group employees and executives are to comply in addition to the group’s corporate philosophy to ensure impeccable standards of compliance. We declare that all Chiyoda Integre employees throughout the world will strive to understand these guidelines correctly and act accordingly in order to earn and maintain the trust of the community.

1.Production & Sales

Customer Satisfaction

We will be aware that all of the group’s actions influence how our customers see us; we will keep constantly abreast of current levels of customer satisfaction and endeavor to improve them companywide.

Fair Business Practices

We will not engage in unfair or illegal business practices.

Quality Control

Each and every one of us will strive to see things from the customer’s perspective and will make quality our top priority, and we will make a concerted, all-in effort to offer products and services that are useful to society.

Product Safety

We will make a concerted, all-in effort at every stage from design to sales to ensure our products and services are safe and reliable.

Export Control

When selling products or disclosing technologies to third parties, we will check in advance whether restrictions apply under export control laws, and will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Intellectual Property

We will notify the Chiyoda Integre Group promptly of any intellectual property issues that may arise in relation to our work.
We will not make proposals for patent applications that may violate agreements with other companies.
We will respect third-party rights in the course of our work, and shall not violate intellectual property rights.

Enquiries from Customers and the Community

Any employee who fields an enquiry or complaint shall work in cooperation with the General Affairs Department and other relevant departments to resolve the situation promptly.


We will list sales and costs and perform all other accounting and tax-related transactions in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and in-house rules in order to ensure financial reports are correct.
We will not process accounts arbitrarily or defer inconvenient transactions in order to make accounts look better.

2.Community Relations

Making a Contribution to the Community

We will maintain awareness of our status a corporate citizen, and will make a proactive effort to make a contribution to the community.

Environmental Protection

We will make an effort to conserve energy and conserve and recycle resources, and will pursue environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices.
We will never buy, sell, stock, or use materials containing environmentally hazardous substances at a level exceeding control standards.
We will work to prevent pollution and conserve energy, and will dispose of waste products appropriately.

Gifts and Entertaining

We will not give or accept gifts or entertain stakeholders to levels deemed inappropriate in light of social norms.

Political and Other Donations

If any employee or company of the Chiyoda Integre Group receives a request from a politician, a political party, or any private-sector organization for a donation, the prescribed procedures will be performed.

Criminal Organizations

We will refuse to deal with any criminal organization or other “antisocial force” that threatens the safety and order of society, and no employee or company of the Chiyoda Integre Group will have any link with such organizations whatsoever.

3.Information Management

Confidential Information

We will not obtain confidential information of any third-party company by dishonest means.
Confidential information will be used only for the intended purpose, and never for the private benefit of any Chiyoda Integre Group employee or company or any third party.
Third-party confidential information obtained in the course of performing an agreement will not be used for any purpose other than those of the pertinent contract.
We will endeavor to prevent information leaks.
No Chiyoda Integre Group employee or company will use insider information to buy, sell, or otherwise trade in stock.

Privacy Protection

When obtaining personal information, we will state the purpose for which the information will be used, and will only use the information for the stated purpose.
We will not supply personal information to third parties without the permission of the people to whom the information applies.
We will implement security measures for the administration and disposal of personal information to prevent leaks and losses.

Information System Administration

We will institute information system operation and administration rules, and all Chiyoda Integre Group employees will comply with them.
We will strive to maintain the security of information assets.
We will administer and maintain systems to ensure they work safely and securely.
We will react promptly to system malfunctions and endeavor to restore full system operation quickly.

Public Relations

We will be proactive in the public disclosure of information not restricted by law or contract and not deemed confidential, and we will conduct public relations in a fair manner.
Any employee who receives an enquiry or request for an interview from a media outlet will contact his or her superior and communications staff in accordance with the prescribed rules so that the matter may be dealt with properly.

4.International Affairs

Compliance with Local Laws, Respect for Local Cultures

When transacting business that involves other countries, we will be considerate of the relevant countries’ laws, and will respect the local customs, values, and cultures.

5.Work Environment

Safety and Hygiene

All of us will strive to keep our workplaces safe, hygienic, and healthy.

Corporate Culture

We encourage open, frank communication among all employees regardless of position as a means of creating new values and ensuring shared awareness of problems.
The companies of the Chiyoda Integre Group will communicate proactively and foster good relations with their employees in order to maintain the safety and hygiene of workplaces, ensuring shared awareness of problems and create new values.

Preventing Sexual Harassment

We will respect others’ personalities regardless of gender, and will be constantly conscious of how others may feel about our language and behavior towards them. No employee will ruin the working conditions or work environment of others through sexual behavior—verbal, physical, or other—in the workplace.

Preventing Power Harassment

No employee may use the advantage of superior position to act in any manner that exceeds their professional authority and continually violates the dignity and personality of others, thus adversely affecting other employees’ working environments or causing employment anxiety.

Whistle-blower Protection

Any employee that discovers a compliance breach or violation of these guidelines must report it to the Compliance Manager. The Chiyoda Integre Group guarantees that no group company will cause any whistle-blower to be disadvantaged, regardless of who they are, except when the whistle-blowing report is made for dishonest purposes.